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Fallout: New California has been in development for almost eight years, started in October 2009.Radian-Helix released several short beta versions in 2013 but nothing since.Also I will only be listing options that add stat points. 11) „Thank you, Harmond.“ 12) „Oh, you know…“ 13) Visit training yards, speak to the old knight. This guide is for the lost heir 2 for @Neo Heartless squire/ranger guide. 85) Refuse to let them bind you, I seek an alliance, As long as your people follow my laws...86) Ask the prisoners their side, Talk Gurstwin into letting the prisoners go free. The first option is just learning about past events.And other important stuff (like foster parent) Not flavor choices. Specifically I usually date Karla, but that doesn’t mean you have too, it’s completely optional, BUT I will list all the other options to raise your relationship with the other characters to at least 75 each (or at the minimum hear their personal story) (NOTE: If Theo(a) is uninjured (s)he will take care of the rest of the Kobolds otherwise they will overwhelm you when throwing your dagger, also there is a glitch where you don’t regain your dagger at this moment. This guide was made by @Neo Heartless Continuing off of the Squire/Ranger guide which is the second guide on the first post. 3 Charm and Citizen Reputation87) Boys will be boys (or girls if you're playing female) Jackson rep 5Note: This next part often changes. 90) Suggest he gives you a reward 120 gold If you complete Theo(a)'s quest, you get an additional 7 Army Power and Size as s(he) brings back some Norgan Warriors.Hello everyone, I’ve been awhile for awhile and in that time I noticed that the TLH guide has been growing more popular, though it also causes a lot of unnecessary spam with people asking for an invite to the guide. 64) Seek an Alliance, As a follower of (insert God name here) I will try to help you. Heartless I know but ahem Neo Heartless 69: Kill the creature.I know MANY of you have been asking for a way to make it public (as I read into the wee hours of the day trying to catch up on everything I missed.) Anyways, the Cult of Neo is going public, as I’m posting those guide thread with the guides from the original PM. ( 8 Karl.)29) flirt with the server and ask her to come to your room. Auto 2 history and Arcana if you have enough (I think Arcana. 15 Evil, 225 Gold, Gain Teardrop Necklace Army size and power 7 from solving the haunting for the Halfings.70: You wish to know Alexander Zusak's plans 10 Geography71)Go ahead and handle the situation when it comes to marrying your own way.Also, you may post your own guides as well, feel free to.) First I’d like to say that this is AFTER update. The reason being is magic is useful for many situations. (This option may only be available if you're a follower of a real "Good" God), I wish to seek an alliance.76)Ask is there anything I can help with? 77) I have found Auriel's Grief 3 Good78)SPend your time listening to the Elders 3 Charm, 5 History and Geography Note: This next part is only for Knights. (Your Squire will do well in the war now.)80)Go to the Gnomes, Turn around and speak to the man, Examine the Security 2 Perception81)Tornassa is so large.. Note: The History option for this requires 65 History. If you do you won't be able to get their full support.

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I also used this save to become a paladin in the second book, for anyone who want's to try that out. There are slight differences between the various class levels in different locations, and each locale provides the resolution to different quests and access to different prestige classes down the line. “34) „I won’t use them, unless I have no other choice.“35) Hug the old woman.36) You notice that he has a plan.37) Answer honestly.38) Introduce yourself.39) Try to convince the shepherds to be extra diligent.40) „Where are you from? (I did it for the Stealth, the Evil doesn’t matter that much.)42) No, I will respect my parents‘ wishes.43) Tell the girl to use one of the spare blankets.44) You won’t succeed no matter what you try to do to the troll. 3 Magic and 5 Army Morale.102) Tell the General to NOT take any food without paying for it.

And, somehow, setting it up for the events of New Vegas.

That’s across a new story with new locations, new quests, new companions, and all that, all with voice acting.

I should note here that for class benefits, Squire, Priest, Cleric, Thief and Thug don't care about your location, and Bard mostly doesn't; these will not… Blades and Magic aren’t high enough yet, this is the only stat that I’ve failed in this run. Tovor relationship 5(This is where keeping spies in Brightwater pays off as well.

Here are a couple of the older guides that were in the PM. „Hello.“ „Why are you in here.“ „How do you walk so silently? 45) Conjure a fire.46) Sneak around the troll.47) Don’t ever try.48) Call to Theo.49) Climb down the pit.50) Search the pit.51) Open the door.52) Throw your dagger at the kobold.53) Cast a spell to create a magical glow.54) Kill it with a blast of fire.55) Continue forward.56) Drop by the local temple. (You can get more money if you somehow frame Shelly, but I didn’t manage that, maybe if you sneak up on him, I’ll have to try in another playthrough.)92) Visit Jowal again. If you send them elsewhere you lose more food and will have to take food or risk your troops starving and General Vale being angered)103)Speak to the Weapon Masters, Pay the 300 gold to hire them.

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