Adult diaper webcam chat

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Ever since having kids, I've become attracted to the idea of diapers, especially poopy ones.

I lead a successful career and live a happy life, all well living in the convenience of my diapers.

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i was wearing a tampon and a always pad and still had leaks so a friend suggested diapers. I was standing in the kitchen without the urge to pee and when the baby kicked, I had... Hi all I'm glad to be back on EP...away for a while and couldnt remember the password to my old account .

my bladder will let loose at any time without warning, so i have to be careful when walking around without one on so diapers are just as important to me as the air we breathe, but people are so mean and cruel when they find out I wear diapers, it's a medical need not something... I have made a new one with the hope of making some new friends again.

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