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by Bruce Royan and Monika Cremer Series: IFLA Professional Reports 80 This set of guidelines, for audiovisual and multimedia materials in libraries of all kinds and other appropriate institutions, is the product of many years of consultation and collaborative effort.

If you are in search of a video recording not on the current released video list, please contact the AV staff at [email protected] at 501-244-2849.

The Round Table therefore changed its name in 1996 to the Round Table on Audiovisual and Multimedia.

In 1999 the Round Table on AVM was transformed into the Audiovisual and Multimedia Section.

In July 2003, a second draft of the Guidelines, taking into account all comments received to date, was published in the AVMS Newsletter.

The current version, based on that draft, was finalized by the rapporteurs (Bruce Royan (UK), Monika Cremer (Germany), Livia Borghetti (Italy), Kirsten Rydland (Norway), James Turner (Canada), Gregory Miura (France) of a workshop held in Berlin on 7 August as part of the IFLA 2003 Conference.

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