Crystalens accommodating iol eye lens accommodating

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(though there is speculation it may be benefit from some extended depth of focus, which is what the Symfony is designed to use to begin with).I'll continue this in another post in a few minutes.

There is also concern I'd read among some over whether over decades of aging anything would interfere with the physical movement of the lens, something non-accommodating lenses don't require.So according to those values, the contacts did give leave that eye around -1.75D myopic (the value at the spectacle plane isn't much different).Refractions aren't exact, and can fluctuate throughout the day and I don't know if your glasses RX wasn't from this optometrist but your doctor perhaps, so I'm suspecting the optometrist gave you -1.5D monovision according to his measurements when you got them.Regardless it may give you some idea of whether you can adapt to a difference between the eyes (though if you struggle it may be due to the cataract).Again the level of near vision you have will be more than with a monofocal IOL since even your distance eye can focus a bit near still at your age.

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