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But Demi Moore and Joan Collins both with younger men are holding their own with their younger guys and Barbara Windsor as well I saw some of it tonight.

I just splurted my coffee when I read that she is 41! I was mailed by a man who said he was 52 but turned out to be about 72 if I remember correctly.

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The question is have you been persued by someone a lot older even when you have made it plain your not interested.

Luckily, we had befriended some lads and lasses from London, who helped him escape her clutches.Maybe on a few but look at the age range many post, 15 years their junior-up to their own age! To One and All^^^ Bazooka Joe, if you're not into the over 50s why do you not have an age restriction in your profile settings?So even if I want to message them I can't if they're only a year or two younger than me, oh well. Many women in the 50-60 age range do take care of themselves and can easily attract younger men,even if it is to give themselves an ego boost, why not? It seems hardly fair to turn down the legions of older ladies who message you in the vain hope that you might date them when you've already decided they've no chance. And back to the OP - I had a friend once who chain-smoked, had yellow teeth, drank to excess and was fairly aggressive with men.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I have been watching this weeks episodes of Come Dine With Me which is from Edinburgh.

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