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The Jedi Guardians are those Jedi who aren’t afraid to take out their lightsaber when the situation demands it.They shouldn’t be thought of as warriors, since "wars not make one great," after all.There will be members local to you and new people join every few seconds giving you new flirting opportunities every day!

On the other hand, selecting the Custom Character option will give you access to a much broader array of customizations and allow you to select your player character’s (or PC for short) attributes, skills, and Feats, in addition to the cosmetic choices required of Quick Characters.

Indeed, the life of a Jedi Guardian should be dedicated to peace, the minimization of bloodshed, and serene meditation on the meaning of the Jedi Code. Guardians are meant to kill, kill, kill; that’s what they’re good for, and that’s what you’ll be able to do with relative ease if you choose to upgrade your character to this class.

Guardians are not as strong in the Force as the other Jedi classes, but are much more powerful when it comes to wielding a lightsaber, and are more physically resilient as well. The Jedi Guardian’s class-specific Feat is Force Jump, which is a combat-oriented Feat that allows a Jedi to cover massive amounts of ground and deliver a powerful blow when combat begins.

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