Free sex without paying

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In fact, it isn’t — and contraception is prescribed as a treatment only when the woman also wants to contracept.

Fluke says her friend is a lesbian — and so wouldn’t need contraception.

Why didn’t she opt for any of the other treatments, then?

At the end of her testimony, Fluke spoke in strong language of her resentment of university administrators and others who suggest she should have chosen to attend a different university that would have offered student insurance that does cover contraception — even if that other university wasn’t quite as prestigious as Georgetown.

Court records show that Green acknowledged she had traded sexts with a bailiff in her court between October 2013 and March 2014.

What Fluke is arguing, then, is that her fellow law students have a , exactly, especially if it costs other people something? Fortunately, in the case of contraception, women can make lifestyle choices that render it unnecessary.

Some insurance programs that don’t cover contraception normally would nevertheless cover it as a treatment for PCOS — but other insurance programs wouldn’t.

Fluke makes it sound like contraception is the only treatment for PCOS.

We can only assume she doesn’t know that because Fluke and she both labor under the illusion that contraception is a medical necessity.

Some little part of Fluke must recognize that it’s not …

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