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"I think I've come up with a very fresh picture," he said, adding that Dan Gilroy of Breakfast Club, who had introduced Madonna to the music world, had e-mailed him saying the biography had "really captured Madonna's spirit". Richard Lautens from Toronto Star said that "Madonna is a thorough, if slightly workmanlike, retelling of its namesake's well-documented slog from lowly Midwestern beginnings to squeaky-voiced sex kitten to professional button-pusher to mother and respected, vaguely Bowie-esque, chameleonic figure, a cultural bloodhound always on the scent of the fresh, cool and credible." Helen Bushby from BBC commented that "[t]he book is certainly detailed, and will no doubt keep Madonna fanatics happy, although it is perhaps more of a reference book than a page-turner.

But Morton is a good businessman, and is canny in his choice of subjects." George Rush from New York Daily News commented: "Despite her best efforts to discourage friends from cooperating with him, Andrew Morton has come forth with a book that portrays Madge as an insecure manipulator so ravenous for affection that she scared off some boyfriends, cheated on most of them and made a lot of foolish choices." In another review, Sherryl Connelly from the same publication was of the opinion that Madonna was mostly similar to J.

Madonna is a biography by English author Andrew Morton, chronicling the life of American recording artist Madonna. Martin's Press in the United States and in April 2002 by Michael O'Mara Books in the United Kingdom. President and publisher Sally Richardson described the biography to contain details about Madonna's ambitions, her relationships and her lifestyle.

Morton decided to write a biography on Madonna in 2000. Morton interviewed about 70 people who had known Madonna since her youth.

Afterward, in 1983, she released her first self-titled album.

He interviewed about 70 people who had known Madonna since her youth.In 2004, a lawsuit was filed against the author by Jim Albright, one of Madonna's ex-lovers mentioned in the book.The lawsuit regarded an image in the book, portraying one of Madonna's gay dancers—with Albright's name underneath. Madonna started her professional singing career in 1982. Afterward, she joined University of Michigan School of Music to study dance.

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