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It displays dialectical features particular to its geographic region and exhibits influences on its grammar and vocabulary from Russian and Ukrainian, languages with which it has been in contact for centuries.Since the fourteenth century, Moldovan has been the traditional name of the language spoken by the population of this region.The temperate continental climate in the center of the country, with long warm summers, relatively mild winters, and high rainfall, is favorable for agriculture.The semiarid Budjak steppe in the south has drought problems. Moldavia is the Anglicized version of the Russian Moldavija and is not used by Moldovans.Many Moldovans consider themselves, their culture, and their language Romanian.There are few concentrated Rom settlements in Moldova, and the degree of linguistic assimilation (Russian or Moldovan) is high.The Ukrainian population traditionally settled in the north and east.

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According to one legend, Dragoş successfully hunted a wild ox on the banks of the river Moldova and then chose to stay in the land, which he named after the river.

Jews have lived in Moldovan cities in great numbers since the early nineteenth century, but many have left.

Between 19, Moldova experienced a total migration loss of 105,000 persons.

In the northern part, fertile black soil prevails and the primary crop is sugar beet.

In the central and southern zones, wine making and tobacco growing are widespread.

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