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The drums are drenched in history, originally given to music critic Chris Welch as a gift from John Bonham, before being acquired by Phil Harris, owner of vintage gear suppliers Harris Hire.We spoke to Chris Welch about how he came to own the drums: "I was just having a drink with John [Bonham] and he asked me if I wanted it.

He says that the way a couple speaks to each other is highly predictive of whether or not they will stay together.When hooking up casually, discretion is always a big thing and I totally “get” that.I’m also an aspiring writer, so you’ll find me reacting to a lot of the celebrity dating gossip.I was pleased that other bands would have the opportunity to use it".The Vistalite's current owner Phil Harris discussed his time with the kit: "It's the equivalent of John Bonham's stage kit - a 26" bass drum, a 14" rack, a 16" floor and an enormous 20" floor that's so à la Bonham it's unreal"."It's been used a lot", he added.

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