Updating an xbox

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In the months since, developers have been keen to jump on board, with supposedly over 150 titles with updates in the works.

Whether or not specific games are upgraded for the console is entirely up to the developer, meaning that certain titles may never see upgrades if not seen as viable.

How to download Xbox One X 4K game assets on your regular Xbox One When a game is updated with Xbox One X enhancements, the size of the game will obviously increase.

How much it increases will vary hugely between games, depending on the improvements implemented.

Here's everything you need to know about updates coming to Xbox One X games.Some of the main changes include making player icons more visible on the world map, as well as disabling the keyboard functionality that was originally in the game.Players can now also use gas when they are on a bike or a bike with a sidecar.Complete list of Xbox One X Enhanced games With Xbox One X updates being distributed on the developer's own accord unless specified by the studio, there are no set details on exactly when games will be updated for Xbox One X.While a sizeable group of titles is expected to receive updates during the console's launch period, many will be released later on.

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