Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg Dubai hot chat

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For M-technology motherboards you might have to set the bios jumpers to program mode (or 5V Flash mode).

ESCD (Extended System Configuration Data) At times the Extended System Configuration Data update will fail in the BIOS as the system boots.

(yes this week and what short period since last week's reformat).

i downloaded it until i realizesd that my no-audio problem was resolved by using the mobo install cd with the Real Tek AC97 driver)!i reintroduced my cd which has cutepartitionmanager file in it. initialization failed." i noticed something in the post about my 256mb ram and 512mb rams: in the POST screen it when i inserted only the 256 mb ram the POST showed on the upper right corner "DDR at row(s): 0" when i put the 512 alone it was ok like DDR at row(s): 0 1 i got a spare 256mb and reinserted it with the 512 in the dimm slots and it confirmed "DDR at row(s): 0 1 2", and swapped them and "DDR at row(s): 0 2 3" so i set aside the doubtful ram.my POST now doesn't show weird names for my Maxtor HD.however i'm still stuck up to it and when it says "Boot from CD: " i inserted my OS or that cutepartitionmanager cd and it would end up "LBA out of range..." sometimes just plain "Disk read error..CTRL ALT DEL to restart" or " Disk boot failure insert system disk and press ENter" i considered the age of this rig and bought a new Li battery 3V for my CMOS battery.

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