Updating resume after college princess diana dating

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Make sure your resume instantly communicates your career target with a descriptive headline (e.g., "CPA Backed by Corporate Audit Experience") and adequately reflects your depth and breadth of experience in a brief, hard-hitting opening summary highlighting your top selling points. Arm yourself with an updated, high-octane resume, and this could be the year that you land a better job.Circle the experiences and skills on your brainstormed list of experience that relate directly to the job (or jobs) you have targeted. You can elaborate on some of these experiences in a bulleted list under each one.Review this list of skills employers seek in college grads to get ideas for what to include.Keep Keywords Up-to-Date Study job postings on Monster that match your career target, and note which keywords appear repeatedly.Incorporate the keywords that match your background into your resume.For example: "Award-winning educator seeking to leverage five years of teaching experience to transition into corporate training." Add New Employment, Skills and Accomplishments Refreshing your resume also means keeping it current.If you've changed jobs during the past year, earned a promotion or expanded responsibilities, your resume should reflect this.

Don't forget about your new skills, including technical and computer ones.

If you can, have someone from your campus career office, or perhaps an alumnus in the field that you are interested in, take a look at your resume to make sure that you have included as much pertinent information as possible.

This person can also read through your resume to spot any errors, including grammar and spelling errors, and issues with the format of your resume.

Research positions to gain a solid understanding of what you want to do as well as the qualifications employers are seeking.

Add a resume objective that spells out your goals and shows the relevance of past experience.

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