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British tabloid , tried to contact Saatchi about the alleged attack but he denied there being an argument, even making an insensitive joke when emailing back the newspaper, saying: “Why not send a photographer to Scott’s tomorrow lunchtime, and I will give Trinny a good throttling in time for your deadline?”At the time of the alleged attack on Lawson, Saatchi dismissed the ‘throttling’ as a “playful tiff’” however he later accepted a police caution.Saacthi was photographed looking sour faced as TV presenter Woodall, tried, unsuccessfully, to hide her streaming tears under a pair of sunglasses.An onlooker who spotted row said: “[Trinny] was a bag of nerves.Woodall, 50, was seen leaping out of her chair to confront the 70-year-old art collector.As the argument escalated, she was photographed wiping tears from underneath her sunglasses.It’s believed that Saatchi Art’s low average transaction price of .65 could tarnish the Saatchi brand since Saatchi has always associated himself with the high end of the art market spectrum having made a name for himself as an early supporter of the Young British Artists including Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas (see Saatchi Is Selling Another Seminal Tracey Emin Installation).Saatchi Art’s financial backers Balderton Capital reportedly initiated last year’s sale of the online platform to Demand Media out of frustration at the venture’s failure to make enough money, according to Skate’s.

Near-by paparazzi, who spotted Woodall and Saatchi in what looked like a dispute during a three-hour long lunch, managed to get snaps that won’t help the art mogul’s already waning reputation.

Trinny Woodall has addressed the public row she had with Charles Saatchi, during which she was photographed crying at the same restaurant he now infamously grabbed ex-wife Nigella Lawson by the throat.

When approached by The Mirror for comment about the distressing images, he apparently told a reporter: “Why not send a photographer to Scott’s tomorrow lunchtime and I’ll give Trinny a good throttling in time for your deadline?

This week, the California-based Demand Media (which also owns the site Society6) published its first quarter earnings announcing a large increase in profits in tandem with the double legal action by the British advertising executive and Saatchi Art’s previous owner (Saatchi Art was sold to Demand Media in October 2014), who is looking to reclaim both the Saatchi name and profits gained from its usage (see Saatchi Art’s Mobile App Virtually Hangs Artworks in User’s Living Room).

Legal proceedings were initiated in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division (United Kingdom) on November 5, 2014, against the current owners of Saatchi Online Inc.

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