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In the Autumn, Mica returned to the studio and recorded a duet with Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes and started recording her new soul album based on her famous Radio 2 Soul show, Soul Solutions.2009 saw the British star releasing her first original studio album in ten years.I flippin' shit meself.'" The days of big advances like that are over, the new head of EMI, Guy Hands, said last week. Self-sufficient performers using the internet are scaring the daylights out of big labels. Next a guest spot on Radio 2 led to a series on soul. Did she mind being voted off Strictly Come Dancing in the second week?Back in the day though Mica, weren't you supposed to get advisers? "They end up screwing you over." The tax bills came in. "It was a lovely paycheck, baby." What she really cares about is the new record.The producer is Brian Rawling, who has had hits with Cher and Tina Turner.

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Here, she talks career longevity, going back to her jazz roots and why My One Temptation will always be special Mica Paris took the UK by storm with her soulful, gospel-infused vocals back in 1988 with her debut single My One Temptation – and there’s still no stopping her today.

It's not funny that artists such as Robbie Williams are apparently on strike because of the way a band of venture capitalists has decided to run the label. It's time for it to be rebuilt in a clear, correct way." She stormed out of EMI 10 years ago instead of being sacked. The fact was reported anyway, because Paris was deemed worth a story. "When I rang my family to tell them, they said, 'Nah! Black people don't get that stuff.'" She only auditioned because Butcher put her up to it. She was raised by her strict, devout grandpa, a minister in a Pentecostal church in south London. '" With that she leaps up and sashays across the studio control room like a hip-swinging, bolshy teenager. and you make all the mistakes." She struggled, away from her mother and sister.

But for the former teenage soul sensation Mica (pronounced Meesha) Paris, the troubles afflicting her old bosses – and many others in corporate music – must feel like delightful revenge. But music took her away, at just 17, to sign for Island Records. "I'm 19 and I'm alone in this amazing apartment in New York, overlooking the Hudson. And I'm the loneliest I have ever been in my life." Her relationship with the record company went bad. She drank to ease the pressure, put on weight and was told she looked like "somebody with two bodies".

When I speak to her on the phone, she’s immediately apologising profusely, because I’ve caught her on a run with her trainer.

As well as working on shows for Radio 2 (the most recent one, Sound of Philadelphia, takes listeners back to the disco grooves of the 70s), she’s currently making a new album.

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